Saturday, March 5, 2016

Stop the Sidetalking!

It's mid-year, March, and the kids are going bonkers from too many days of indoor recess.  Here's a classroom management tip that I've revived from August.

1. I rhythmically clap and say, "Raise your hand..."
2. The attentive students respond with, "and wait to be called on."
3.  I look in the direction of the talker and repeat, "Raise your hand and.."
4. Student says somewhat sheepishly, "wait to be called on."

This reminder has been working well for me with 5th and 6th graders because the chatty student only needs one or two "solos" before they realize they do not want to get caught talking again.

Here's the rhythm that feels most natural to me:
"Raise your hand and wait to be called on."  

Here is another tip that I learned from Rick Smith's Conscious Classroom Management book.
1. Face the chatty student and square shoulder with them
2. Address student using a deeper and softer voice (ex: "Daniel, please stop talking")
3. Continue with your lesson in your teaching voice

Another great tip I learned from Rick Smith's book was to move toward the student when speaking (even if it's to apologize).  This gives you a sense of confidence and "inner authority" and removes tones of insincerity from your message.

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  1. Great tips for the students in order to participate in class activities, this shows that every student should stay focused and active at the same time.